Are you just surviving life?

Survive to Thrive Program

  • Are you a busy overwhelmed professional who is feeling run down and burnt out? 
  • Does high stress and anxiety negatively impact your productivity, performance, health and relationships? 
  • ​Does fear and anxiety stop you from pursuing big goals and dreams, holding you back in life?
  • ​Do you have trouble focusing because there are just so many tasks to get done?
  • ​Does stress and anxiety cause or worsen other health concerns such as high blood pressure, headaches/migraines, weight issues, hormone imbalances, and/or digestive problems?
  • ​Do you want to have a competitive edge at work and increase focus, energy, productivity, motivation, and performance?

    In this comprehensive holistic 6-month program, you will work 1-on-1 with a naturopathic doctor via virtual telehealth consultations, where we will go deeper in exploring the root causes of your stress and anxiety so we can have you not only feeling healthier, but also happier and more alive. 

     We use a 5-step holistic approach called the AMOUR system to optimize your wellbeing so you restore, renew, reshape and re-energize your body and mind naturally. 

    We will look at and address your WHOLE life...nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, stress, career, & relationships.

    We combine this with the power of functional medicine labs to deeply evaluate how well your body and mind are operating, so we optimize your wellness to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

     Go from SURVIVING LIFE to THRIVING in it!  

    Virtual Visits Bring the Doctor to You!

    Apply for a FREE strategy session with one of our doctors to see if you qualify for this program.